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Have a lot of Loft Conversion FAQ’s? Our team at Chelmsford City Loft Conversions have constructed a large number of loft extensions and are experts in this field. Below, we have provided answers to the most commonly asked loft conversion FAQs.  

If you require an answer to a question we have not covered, then please get in touch with one of our expert team on 01245 905 404 or by email at We will be happy to provide you with any information you require.

The Two Most Commonly Asked Loft Conversion FAQs

The cost of your Chelmsford loft conversion varies by the type of conversion you choose, the internal specification, and whether you require planning permission. Here at Chelmsford City Loft Conversions, every one of our loft conversion packages is unique to each project that we undertake, so the only real way of knowing exactly what your specific build will cost is to get your free quote today

The completion time for a loft conversion depends on the type of work we are undertaking for you, how large you want your loft extension to be as well as the current layout of your property. Chelmsford City Loft Conversions have converted lofts all over the Chelmsford area, and we can say, on average, we complete a typical loft conversion in about 5 to 8 weeks. However, on your specific loft conversion, this timeframe can vary, so it is best to get in touch with our friendly team to discuss how long your particular loft conversion will take.

Types of loft conversion

If your loft height from floor to ridge is at least 2.2m, then it should be able to be converted. When you book your free loft survey, one of our expert team will be able to tell you for sure if this is the case. 

Velux, rear dormer, L-section Rear Dormer (double dormer), Mansard, L-section Mansard (double Mansard), Hip-to-Gable and Hip-to-Gable Rear Dormer. See our types of loft conversion page for further details. 

We pride ourselves on how cleanly we work. If we need to lower your ceilings, the disruption is kept to a minimum as the work is confined to the loft space and most of the heavy work can often be carried out from scaffolding outside your property.


After one of our Chelmsford City Loft Conversion specialists has visited your property and carried out a loft  survey, it usually takes a week for you to receive a quotation from us via email. In the unlikely event that you have not received your quote within this timeframe, then please check your spam folder and then give us a call on 01245 905 404.

If you have all of your plans, structural designs, and party wall notices already in place, then Chelmsford City Loft Conversions can start building your loft conversion within 2 – 4 weeks. If, however, you do not have any of these in place, you should plan on allocating 1 – 3 months to get your plans drawn up, party wall agreement in place, etc., before the construction work can begin.


You will require planning permission when you wish to make a structural alteration to your property. In the United Kingdom, your local authority grants permission. A planning application will usually take around 10 weeks to process. Permitted Development rules are more relaxed than planning permission and are issued by parliament. Permitted Development allows you to make alterations to your home quickly without having to apply for planning. Permitted Development rules will enable you to build a loft conversion if the structure of your roof is not altered. You will, however, require a Certificate of Lawful Development (CLD) to ensure that you have proof your loft conversion falls within these rights. A CLD takes 10 weeks to process, but you can start your build before you receive it as no law states you have to have it beforehand. For detailed information click here

You must inform your neighbours if you want to carry out any building work on your shared property boundary or ‘party wall’ in England and Wales. Your neighbours can not stop you from making changes to your property that are within the law, but they can affect how and when your works are carried out. You must give your neighbour at least 2 months’ notice before you plan to start building your loft conversion. Your neighbour must let you know in writing within 14 days if they consent to your notice. Chelmsford City Loft Conversions has extensive experience with this process, and we will guide you through it.

The minimum height you need for a loft conversion is 2.2m, and you can easily measure this yourself. Take a tape measure and run it from the floor to the ceiling at the tallest part of the room. If it’s 2.2m or more, your loft should be tall enough to convert.

Why choose Chelmsford City Loft Conversions?

Our fully qualified staff are all trained in health and safety and conversant in all current regulations & legislation. Chelmsford City Loft Conversions is a fully insured company that carries public liability insurance to the value of £10 million. We guarantee our work with a 10 year warrenty.

All our quotations are valid for a period of six months.

We cover Chelmsford, the whole Essex area, into London and beyond.  If you are located out of these areas please contact us as we can also work further afield.

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